Why choose A.H Done Builders?

A.H. Done Builders has been owned and run by Brisbane local Anthony Done for over almost 30 years. A carpenter by trade, Anthony is passionate about renovating and restoring classic Queenslander homes with the client’s personal style weaved throughout.


Every home Anthony and his team create is unique and much loved by its owners, delivered through high quality work, premium materials and precise attention to detail.


From small home improvements to large architectural renovations, Anthony and his team can do it all.
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Meet Anthony Done

Anthony has spent over 43 years perfectly his craft, and his experience is reflected in every home no matter how big or small the renovation.


He is a familiar face around Brisbane, with long-standing relationships with the region’s best suppliers.


Anthony works closely with his clients to create their dream homes, embracing their personal style and always delivering quality and excellence.



Call Anthony today – 0411 879 290