About A.H Done Builders

A.H. Done Builders began as a family run renovations company back in 1988 when owner Anthony and his family moved north, from Sydney, and were exposed to the vast quantity of old Queenslander homes in Brisbane.


Anthony’s then new love for Queenslander homes prompted his passion for renovation, restoration and authentic reproduction which resulted in Anthony turning his experience in cabinet-making and joinery into a successful Brisbane based renovations company which has now been running for over 22 years.


All A.H. Done Builders employees share the same passions, values and work ethic as Anthony: attention to detail, honesty, integrity, a belief in hard work and an appreciation of Queensland homes.


The goals of A.H. Done Builders and its employees are to find modern and reliable options for Queenslanders who are looking at renovating, restoring or creating an authentic reproduction of a Queenslander home. Anthony and his team can meet the needs of any client who is in need of a personalised and quality home in Brisbane.


A.H. Done Builders are connected to many sub-contractors and suppliers and have access to a large range of quality products all over Brisbane to suit the financial and personal needs of all clients.